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1.Q::What kind of people go to the counseling center to ask for help?


   (1)Those having life adjusting questions or issues. For example, those wanting to change relationships, worried about flunking classes, problems about love and relationship, etc.

   (2)Having uncomfortable emotional feelings such as having insomnia for a long time, emotional depression, anxiety for some unknown reasons, loneliness for no reason, feelings of helplessness, etc.

   (3)Desire deeper self-knowledge, such as want more self-autonomy, want to know alternative ideas for the future, increased self-knowledge, having problems about your own abilities and values, etc. If you have any of the questions listed above, you are welcome to come to the center and talk to us.

   (4)Pressures from emergencies such as typhoons, earthquakes, car accidents, bereavement, parting, being flunked, etc. You can come to the center for help if you have any of the problems listed above.

2.Q:Do those people come to the center voluntarily or by force?

   A:Most come voluntarily. Some of them come just to take advantage of the counseling, while some of them really need help from the counselor. No matter how or why they come, the teachers from the center give the best they can do, so many people come voluntarily the next time.

3.Q:Will other people know I am attending counseling?

   A:According to the confidentiality agreement, the contents we talk about will all be kept in secret; however, if someone try to hurt himself/herself or other people, the content will not fall under the confidentiality agreement.

4.Q:Is night or noon available for personal counseling?

   A:The center is open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday for counseling. Since there is not any counselor shift at noon, personal counseling will not be available. But if you have any emergency, you can contact the center and there will be professional people to solve your problem.