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Welcome to NPTU

Counseling Service

Professional, passion, and high-quality counseling


Individual Counseling

    We provide professional counseling service to help people to face their problems and difficulties in lives. For children or who prefer using nonverbal ways to express self, we provide art therapy and play therapy to help people to explore self and improve problem.

    Charge: NTD 1,000 / 50 minutes


Couple and Family Therapy

    We provide professional counseling service to help couple or family to face challenges, learn new way to interact, and repair their relationship.

    Charge: NTD 1,500 / 75 minutes


Group Counseling

    We conduct group -usually 6-12 people- for specific group or people who face specific issue. The group is conducted aperiodically.

    Charge: depends on every group's situation


Psychological Test Service

    We offer multiple psychological tests, including mental health, values, stress and so on, to help people explore themselves.

    Charge: NTD1200 / per test (including result explain)

〈Application Process〉

  ─〉Reservation: Please call (08) 7213448, reserve the intake time.

  ─〉The Intake:

  1. Let you understand the counseling process and structure.

  2. Understand your situation and expectations for counseling.

  3. Prepare a counseling program for you and match the appropriate counselor.

  Charge: NTD 500 / time

  ─〉Counseling: It will start at the next appointment.




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